About mikihouse History - MIKI HOUSE CANADA

Year Month
1971 April MIKI SANGYO founded as a manufacturer of infant and child apparel
1978 September MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD incorporated Kyoto BAL Store opened (first company-owned retail store)
1980 April First television commercial airs
1985 September MIKI HOUSE FRANCE incorporated in Paris
1986 September - Sponsored the television show "We Love Earth! The Big Adventure"
1987 February Announcement of our "traditional brand," MIKI HOUSE COLLECTION
March First foreign company-owned retail store opened in Paris (Victoire)
December The MIKI HOUSE Picture Book is published
1989 June "Violin Clef" Violin classes start
July Announcement of newborn apparel brand "MIKI HOUSE FIRST"
Opening of dessert boutique "La Glacerie"
1992 January Opening of current headquarters
March - June Hosts of the Wiener Sangerknaben (Vienna Boys Choir) in Japan
April Supporting of the "Kinokuni Kodomo no Mura Gakuen" School
1997 May MIKI HOUSE ITALY incorporated in Italy
1998 January Incorporation of MIKIHOUSE & SHOGAKUKAN PRODUCTION CO.,LTD, Founding of the "Kids Pal", Infant and Child School
August Announcement of "American Casual" brand, MIKI HOUSE DOUBLE-B
2000 March - October Special sponsor of THE CONVOY SHOW "New Time Tunnel"
September 10 participants in our Sports Club compete in the Sydney Olympics, obtaining a total of five medals, including Judo athlete Tadahiro Nomura's gold
October Incorporation of the MIKI HOUSE KOSODATE SOKEN CO., LTD. and opening of the child-care support website "Go Go Ikuji Dot Com"
2001 March Announcement of baby apparel brand "MIKI HOUSE HOT BISCUITS"
September - December Opening of 30th Anniversary Events across Japan
2003 July Opening of the first all-in-one baby product shop, "Hello Akachan MIKI HOUSE," shop, in the Nara "Ito Yokado" store
2004 January Opening of MIKI HOUSE USA Representative office in New York
August 13 participants in our Sports Club compete in the Athens Olympics, obtaining a total of four medals, including Judo athlete Tadahiro Nomura's gold (his third consecutive)
2005 April Name of "Hello Akachan MIKI HOUSE" changed to "BABY HOUSE"
2006 May Grand Prize Winner at Senken Kids Fashion Show
2008 August Sent 6 athletes who represent MIKI HOUSE Club Sports to the Beijing Olympics; won a silver medal for synchronized swimming duet.
2009 February Established a boy's brand “Miki House Black Bear”
March Opened an ENK Children's Club in NY
May The Sleeveless undershirt as well as the first shoe receives a Kid's Design Award
2010 May Held a booth at the Shanghai Expo Japan Pavilion
2011 April Company's 40th Anniversary
May MIKI HOUSE received the Senken Kid's Fashion Award Grand Prize
June Founded MIKI HOUSE AMERICAS in New York
2012 May MIKI HOUSE FIRST received the Senken Kid's Fashion Award Grand Prize 2 years in a row
“MIKI HOUSE Baby Soap”, “MIKI HOUSE UV Milk”, and “MIKI HOUSE Mineral Mist” wins the 6th annual Kid’s Design Award
August Sent 5 athletes who represent MIKI HOUSE Club Sports to the London Olympics, earned a silver medal in women's group table tennis, and a bronze medal in women's group archery.
2013 January MIKI HOUSE CEO Koichi Kimura wins the 2013 Executive Award
February Participated in the 2nd annual children’s clothes reuse project hosted by the Ministry of Justice
April Opened a boutique in the England’s luxury department Store, Harrods
May MIKI HOUSE FIRST wins the Senken Kid’s Fashion Award 3 years in a row
June Opened a boutique in Takashimaya Singapore
October Opened a standalone shop in Moscow; its size is one of the largest out of any MIKI HOUSE stores abroad
2014 May MIKI HOUSE FIRST wins Senken Kid’s Fashion Award 4 years in a row
Tenshi no Hadagi (Pureveil Series) wins the 8th annual Kid’s Design Award
September Expanded the boutique in Harrods
2015 May Baby shoes (Collaborated item with Mizuno) and Glass Milk Bottle (160ml) win the 9th annual Kid’s Design Award
2016 January MIKI HOUSE Baby Underwear Angel’s Hug wins the 7th annual Mother’s Selection Award
June 17 athletes from MIKI HOUSE Sports Club will be competing at the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games