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This is the cool and stylish Cold Straw Hopper from Car and Rina.
With its cold insulation, it keeps drinks cold for a long time.

It has a one-touch open mechanism that raises the straw.
This item is only for cold drinks, so please do not use it for hot drinks.
(Please be careful of burns to your mouth.)

It comes with a convenient shoulder strap.
It is also recommended to get the items in the same series.

* Not for use in microwave ovens, dishwashers, or dish dryers.

Size Dimensions

Capacity: 450 ml
Dimensions: Φ87×97×185mm

Precautions for use

This item is only for cold drinks, so do not use it for hot drinks.

・Do not use with the following beverages:
- Carbonated drinks: the internal pressure may increase and cause the contents to spurt out.
- Drinks with pulp: may cause leakage or clogging.
・While there is an internal pressure relief function, sudden changes in temperature or leaving this item in high temperature locations such as a vehicle in the summer may cause the contents to expand. When you open the lid, the contents may spill out. If anything becomes clogged in the pressure relief hole, it may likewise spill out.
・Do not freeze this item. Freezing will cause the drink to expand in volume and may lead to deformation or malfunction.
・Only for cold drinks. Do not put hot drinks in here, as it is dangerous (risk of burns) and may cause deformation or leakage.
・Boiling disinfection may cause deformation. Do not do this.
・Do not use in microwave ovens, dishwashers, or dish dryers.
・Do not handle this item roughly by shaking it or subjecting it to strong impacts etc. Doing so may damage it or cause an unexpected accident.
・When using the shoulder strap, take care that it does not become entangled with the neck, as this may lead to unforeseen accidents such as suffocation.
・To consider safety, the hanging apparatus becomes detached from the item when a certain amount of force is applied.
・Do not place near fire.
・Read the quality label on the main body before using, particularly regarding heat resistance.
・Rinse thoroughly with warm water before first use.
・If the cover or straw food is not closed tightly, contents may spill out.
・Do not drop, jolt, or subject this item to strong impacts. Doing so may cause deformation or damage.
・When opening or closing the lid, be sure to close the straw food before doing so. If it is not closed, it may become damaged.
・When opening the straw, be careful as droplets of water may scatter from the straw section.
・Do not bite or pull the straw too hard. Doing so may damage the rubber. This is also important to note for children who are just growing teeth.
・Before use, make sure that the packing and straw are set correctly and that there is no water leaking.
・This item is not completely sealed, so use it in a standing position. If turned sideways, it may leak.
・When carrying this item in a bag etc., be sure to put it in a waterproof bag such as a poly bag.
・If you drink beverages that contain colorants with this item, the inside of the item or straw may be dyed.
・If you drink beverages that have a strong odor with this item, the odor may transfer to the container.
・If left with oils on the decorated sections, the color may fade.

【How to take care of this item】
・Wash with a sponge or soft cloth dipped in dishwashing detergent, rinse with warm water, and dry thoroughly.
・Scrubbing with a scrubber, scouring powder, or abrasive sponge may cause scratches.
・If using alkaline detergent, rinse well and make sure that no detergent remains. Also, do not use orange oil-based cleaners. Doing so may cause the product to deteriorate or the decorated sections to fade.
・When bleaching, make sure to use kitchen chlorine-based bleach. Excessive bleaching will damage the product, so follow the instructions for each bleach.
・Do not bleach the lid and do not boil disinfect it. The metal parts may corrode and become damaged.
・When disinfecting using a chemical solution, use a disinfectant for babies and follow the instructions for each solution.
・You can remove the packing from the lid and wash it. Do not pull it as it may cause it to stretch.
・Set the packing correctly. Twists or misalignment may cause water to leak.
・The packing is a consumable item. If it is damaged, replace it with a new part (for a fee).
・After washing, make sure to thoroughly dry the product before reassembling.
・Do not use alcohol disinfectant, as it may cause the color of the decorated sections to fade or the product to deform.

【How to attach the shoulder strap】
Align the hanging apparatus on the convex part of the body and pull the plastic part until it clicks. To ensure safety, the hanging apparatus will become detached from the item when a certain amount of force is applied. If the hanging apparatus is not properly attached, it may come loose during use.

※ To use this item safely, read the cautionary notes on the back of the vinyl outer bag. Keep it stored carefully so you can refer to it at any time.

Product Parameters

Style Number
Includes personal name sticker, shoulder strap, and is BPA-free (Bisphenol A not used)
(straw food, cover, body) polypropylene, (straw, tube) silicone rubber, (PE straw) polyethylene

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